Basic knowledge of the elevator

The elevator safety common sense after an accident
The classification of the elevator


The elevator is also called the lift. Is the vertical transportation equipment, is the indispensable transportation equipment in the high-rise building. It rely on electricity, drag a manned or capsules, in the construction of the shaft on the guide rail vertical lifting movement.

The composition of the elevator:

The elevator generally consists of five parts: (1) the shaft and housing; (2) the transmission part p (3) safety device of the elevator parts edition; (5) control part.

Shaft and machine parts:

This is a requirement for normal operation of elevator building parts.

Transmission parts:

Transmission part of the traction machine, is mainly composed of motor and wire rope.

Lifting equipment parts:

Lifting equipment generally includes capsules, the balance of weight, chain, guide rail, the hall.

Safety device

Safety device generally includes speed down device and electrical safety devices.

The control part

Control part is usually refers to the electrical control equipment and the necessary wiring, including control cabinet, excitation and choose layer and etc.

Traction machine:

Commonly known as reducer. It installed in engine rooms, generally above the buildings at the top, is the elevator traction device, it’s pure wheel with wire rope traction capsules and heavy. Traction machine is made up of worm gear reducer, rope, backrest wheel, the brake wheel, motor, base and so on. Dc elevator traction machine, high-speed yuan gear driven directly by the elevator rope round, no reducer device, with the rest of the parts.

The hall:

The door of the elevator door is installed, each layer with organic chess lock on the door and electrical contacts. Passenger lift more for automatic doors, close by open the car door opener to drive the hall door rubber le roll to complete, and the car door is driven by the open closed device on the capsules.


The shaft by the wall, roof and round into a bottomless pit, in the elevator capsules and limited space for weight. To the people, in each layer station entrance.


Is the role of casing elevator is separated with the outside world, when the guide rail frame directly installed on the walls around, it should also be under shear. The structure of the casing is divided into enclosed Spaces and type.


Top of the shaft is computer room, it is the place where maintenance personnel work. Roof must be closed and will therefore shaft and room is completely isolated. Also has to prevent roof room namely to the role of the shaft. For fast, high speed elevators, in order to obtain good sound insulation effect, often set sound insulation layer on top of the shaft, the shaft top became a double-layer structure.


Shaft bottom hole into the ground, used to install buffer, speed limiter, wire rope tension bridle device, etc. Due to the deep ground, therefore require waterproof, it is better for drainage.

Computer room:

Room to install traction machine, electric control panel, speed limiter, etc. Rooms can be set on the top of the shaft, also can be set up in the well by the department. When the room is located in the bottom of the shaft, is under the traction machine type traction way. This way, complex structure, bearing significant buildings, large to shaft size requirement, only in the room can’t use overhead. For most of the elevator, the elliptic all set on top of a shaft. Rooms must have enough area, height, load bearing capacity and good ventilation.


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