Talent concept

Talent Concept

A meritocracy, having both ability and political integrity

FIINT, the elevator is with solid strength, advanced technology, the concept of continuous innovation, efficient and pragmatic working atmosphere and good development prospects attract many outstanding young talent to come to "join". In attracting and training talents at the same time pay more attention to use and retain talent. Company with a special focus on cultivation of young talents and use, so that a large number of young talents to stand out and become the backbone of the company development.

Over the years, the company attaches great importance to staff team construction, organizes various types of employee training and continuing education, to improve the staff's ideological and political quality, professional quality, cultural quality, build a science, the good atmosphere of learning knowledge and learning skills. Companies each year and there are plans to under the professional and technical personnel, management personnel training abroad, make employees to expand the field of vision, explore the train of thought, has produced a batch of advanced elevator technology, advanced equipment operation skills and enterprise modernization management level of talent.