Freight Elevator

Freight Elevator

Distinguished properties wonderful performance

FIINT serial freight elevator fully utilizes the advanced and fully computerized control technology. It employs the well-developed VWF control system of FIINT elevator. It is simple in structure and convenient in repair and maintenance. It fulfils a qualitative leap in the aspects of the signal transmission and running control. It brings about the more stable and reliable system, the lower noise, the smoother running, the more accurate leveling. It is more and more easy for the goods entry and exit.

Dumbwaiter Elevator,Flexible space, harmonious transportation

FIINT dumtnvader elevator is small, flewble, simple and can be easily integrated Into buildings, which provide fast, economic and useful smal fight vertical transportation services廿hotels, restaurants, banks, residences, hospitals and libraries etc.

Wth the high safety standards, the dumbwaiter elevator made by FIINT has excellent quality and novel appearance. It has various of types which can provide services for a variety of buildings, comprehensively improve people's life and make them enjoy the intimate services of FIINT.

Dumbwaiter elevator characteristics

1、R&D,appication of the electro-mechanical integration of the dumbwaiter lift avoid the un-synchronous condition between the mechanical door lock and the electrical switch separable installation in the previous use procedures.

2、R&D. application of the dumbwaiter lift hoistway door, the stop device of the car door solve the abnormal running-stop problem because of the abnormal opening of the hoistway door and the car door in the elevator operational process It further increases the safety coefficient of the lit running.

3、The double section materials special-purpose slide-way with the unique design operates through the door slider connection. It not only reinforces the smoothly sliding degree of the lift-start, but also reduces the door plate clearance. It is easy for the installation and adjustment.