Technical Advantages

Optimized Design set the culmination of industry-leading technologies

The FIINT energy-saving elevators adopt European's successful experience in China for decades, and integrate the most optimized design, manufacture and installation, as well as excellent quality management into the design and production of elevators, making it highly competitive products to succeed in the market.

Excellent performance to create safe, comfortable and energy-saving elevator

Safe and reliable

The production, installation and maintenance follow standardized procedures, which will be in line with industry and national standards.Passport product development standard process adopts the "safety first" concept of product design, to provide a guarantee on the process.

Simple and convenient

The design of motor, control cabinet, door and other main component is simple, greatly reducing the number of parts required remove and replacement, increasing the convenience of installation and maintenance while reducing security risks.

Energy-saving and environmental-protecting

The usage of gearless traction machine saves energy by 25% than conventional geared traction machine, and there will be no oil replacement and other issues. The usage of electromagnetic interference filter is to prevent the elevator' s interference to other electronic devices in the building during operation, reflecting environmental awareness in the details.

Smooth and comfortable

The frequency conversion and vector control technology of control cabinet and stable intelligent door-motor system makes elevator more stable and smooth, creating a quiet and comfortable atmosphere inside. The driving wheel at the top is made out of special design and installation, whose beam can still maintain a rigid in the wheel rotation to minimize the vibration transmitted to the elevator.