The classification of the elevator

Basic knowledge of the elevator

There are many different kinds of elevator and can be classified according to different requirements, such as by using two applied nature of the passenger elevator, goods elevator, passenger and cargo, etc.

Passenger lift

Passenger elevator is commonly used to transport passengers.

Freight elevator

Transfer at general dedicated to transport of the goods.

The bed elevator

Bed elevator is usually used to transport in bed patients and nursing staff.

Passenger and cargo dual-use ladder

Passenger and cargo dual-use ladder generally can be used for transporting passengers, can deliver goods again.

The elevator according to the speed of classification

The elevator speed is generally divided into: express ladder, quick ladder and ladder at low speed.

The high-speed elevator

High-speed elevator speed in more than 2 m/s, some call it a class ladder.

Express elevator

Express elevator speed above 1.5 m/s, some call it b class ladder.

Low speed elevator

Low speed elevator speed above 1.01 m/s, some call it the c class ladder. At present most of the residential passenger elevator choose speed 1.0 m/s.

The elevator by dragging system classification

Elevator according to the drag system classification, generally can be divided into ac and dc elevator lift.

Ac elevator

Ac elevator use ac elevator traction machine. Transfer and sundry ladder is commonly ac drive, speed within 0.5 m/s. In the passenger lift ac elevator is commonly used in floor is not very high and the place of use requirement is not high. Such as general civil residence, its speed is generally within 1 m/s.

Dc elevator

Dc elevator, due to its qi car, changing speed, leveling, parking is more stable, fast, used in high-level and the demand is higher. Dc dc fast dc high-speed elevators and elevator and into the elevator, its speed is 1.5 ~ 1.75 m/s, respectively, and 2 ~ 3.5 m/s. Dc dc motor of the lift generally from the electric power supply and control unit.

The elevator control mode classification

The elevator according to control methods of classification, generally divided into semi-automatic and automatic elevator lift.

Semi-automatic elevator

Semi-automatic elevator in three kinds of circumstances: (l) hand since the flat open elevator – is controlled by the axle box handle switch, with automatic flat layer of elevator, goods elevator belong to such more. (2) button from flat to the elevator – is controlled by the button device of the elevator, with automatic flat layer is used to transfer and sundries elevator. (3) from the flat, since the open elevator, the above two kinds of device with automatic doors of the elevator.

Automatic elevator

Automatic elevator also three types: (1) the signal and control the elevator, except with automatic flat layer since the open action, and with both inside and outside layer, automatic orientation, consequent properties, such as car. The elevator should be the driver operation. (2) sets control elevator, except with signal control of elevator performance, also can operate without the driver, so need to increase the hall call reverse car segment. (3) fixation of control, elevator used in ac, dc elevator without driver, basic working status with collection, the difference is hall under the outgoing call signal response.

Set selected control elevator

Collection control elevator is developed on the basis of a signal control, highly automatic control of the elevator, and the signal control of the main difference is that it can achieve without a driver’s operation. It not only have the functions of signal control, but also has automatic control stop time, automatic call service, automatic reverse response and reverse hall calls, and other functions.

The elevator model

So-called model, that is, using a set of letters and Numbers, with simple and straightforward way to lift the main content of basic specifications. China’s ministry of construction standard “JJ4S – 86 model establishment method of the elevator, hydraulic elevator products, the elevator model establishment method.

Intelligent elevator

Intelligent elevator is the use of reasoning and fuzzy logic, the method to develop the knowledge base of expert system is used to determine the most suitable for the reality of the rules, and rules of selected for further processing to determine the best elevator running, at the same time immediately communicate the information to passengers and passengers from physical and psychological conditions and requirements to meet the demand of efficient transport.

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